Novak Djokovic continues to amaze everyone.

Not only has Djokovic only lost just one game since the turn of the year, but he has also claimed the French Open and Wimbledon titles as well as become the number one ranked tennis player in the world.

It’s been an unbelievable route to the top for the Serbian after the dominance of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who he hammered in the final at SW19 despite free bets heavily backing the Spaniard. Djokovic has turned his momentum into dominance and looks at ease with his game at this moment in time.

It’s been a long time coming but now Federer and Nadal have a task on their hands to reach the next level and knock Djokovic off his throne. Djokovic has found a winning formula, matured as a player and knows his game inside out which has proved to be a success in the last seven months.

The way he powered past Nadal in the final was similar to the way the Spaniard had beaten Djokovic in the past. It was easy but effective tennis and, although Nadal was not fully-fit, the Serb has now underlined his power in the tennis world. Much like the dominance of Phil Taylor in Darts and Ronnie O’Sullivan in Snooker, no-one wants to be drawn against Djokovic because in this form he really is unbeatable.

Djokovic’s dominance this year must come as an inspiration and motivation to Andy Murray, who like Djokovic in his early career has struggled to overcome the dominance of Federer and Nadal. Murray is the nearly man of Tennis at the minute but it only takes one major win to inject belief and confidence that he can become a champion in future years, just ask Novak.

Djokovic’s rise to the top of the rankings all raises questions about Federer’s place in Tennis. Where does he go from now? Is he coming to the end of his career due to Nadal and Djokovic taking over or will he gain motivation from their success and breathe new life into his own game? Age is not on Federer’s side and it will be interesting to see how he overcomes his lack of dominance.

Nadal is sure to come straight back at Djokovic and will likely remain the free bet favourite for the matches in the near future at least - that’s the kind of athlete and performer he is. He has belief in his own ability and knows he can return to number one in the world.

Men’s Tennis is certainly healthy right now and Djokovic must keep progressing to ensure he is at the top of the rankings for some time because there is a handful of players breathing down his neck.